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90 Fans!

2014-07-06 06:04:19 by bobie11

I'm very glad you guys are my fans and I still don't know how you stand seeing my crap on your NG page everyday but what the hell. That's your thing. thank you guys very much!
(The best part about this is that my 90th fan is the one and only! Mr. Fulp!)



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2014-07-06 15:12:14

Wow! Congrats bro! :D

bobie11 responds:

Thank man! means a lot!


2014-07-06 14:30:07

I've had an eye on your account, waiting for that 90th fan. And it's Tom, no less? Congrats! I'm trying to get to 70 by the end of the week :3

bobie11 responds:

Thank you so much for that though it sounds creepy 0_0
Hop you will man! I can open another account if you wanna ;D lol


2014-07-06 06:30:49

Tom Fulp?Am so jealous of you bro -.-

bobie11 responds:

ohhh thank you :D