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2013-08-04 11:30:19 by bobie11

Ok now, my idea box is officialy empty. i cant figure out what to draw and i haven't drew in a while now. so i thought you might have some ideas. so tell me, seriously, what should i draw? Plus i've reached 40 fans. i mean, its not guiness record but, hey -



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2013-08-17 21:50:07

Draw your own version of some sort of alien or monster.


2013-08-15 16:44:04

Deleting comments is for women.

(Updated ) bobie11 responds:

So is a period


2013-08-08 15:17:53

draw more bravest warriors !!!

bobie11 responds:

Haha already did! a half of them actually. FIND YOUR OWN IDEAS ASSHOLE


2013-08-07 07:50:34

The guy in this pic, but with color!

bobie11 responds:

In 3D


2013-08-04 15:57:46

Draw a Nitrome fan art if the image is good (it's you so it have to be good) Nitrome will share it on their site!! :3

(Updated ) bobie11 responds:

Good idea! But i already did its not uploaded


2013-08-04 14:04:38

My idea box is empty as well. I haven't composed anything all week! as for a drawing, try drawing a group of zombies riding on a robot dinosaur that shoots lazers out of it's eyes as it walks through a city, destroying everything in it's path >:D

bobie11 responds:

me scared :O


2013-08-04 12:17:28

umm haven't you think about drawing naked girls ? :3 i know it's not your thing but common give it a try C: and congrats for the 40 fans you deserve more :)

bobie11 responds:

Oh silly sam :D haha well why not?