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2013-06-30 15:59:48 by bobie11

So. where should i begin?
First of all my game is going on pretty well, a little level designing and i think i'm done! i've also really improved since The Floating Desert, its gonna be better. i hope so xD
Another thing: the other game which is currently in progress, that i'm doing with FrostySlash is going on well too! we dont know when its released but we sure do our best so it will come out as soon as we can.
And ANOTHER THING: FrostySlash made a new intro for us! check it out... or not. free country right??
so thats it basically thanks for readin this if you haven't then that's cool too i wouldn't read it either... :D



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2013-07-02 20:30:49

you seem like really cool so i send you friend request :D


2013-07-01 15:01:43

best of luck man i also saw the new intro it was awesome :D

bobie11 responds:

Thanks! :)


2013-06-30 16:43:47

i read it :3 good luck man :D

bobie11 responds:

Thanks! for both things :D