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time to EMBARRASS myself :P

3/31/13 by bobie11

Well guys!
after i started uploading art, and found out some of you really like it, i really started getting serious with it :D
now, as i already said before, i have an account with FrostySlash where we BOTH upload our art. but i never used THIS ONE to actually post mine. so anyways, after getting into art of my own, i became a SUPPORTER. ( you know, just to show that im REALLY serious about it, and supporting NG) So to celebrate it (here comes the embarrasing part) i will show you guys my FIRST art EVER made with my tablet! prepare to laugh:

time to EMBARRASS myself :P


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Nice job man it looks cool and funny :D

4/4/13 bobie11 responds:

thanks..... :\



No in a good way! :3



Lol this is sick!! :D

4/1/13 bobie11 responds:

In the bad way right?